5 Reasons Why Creatives Need Alone Time to Succeed

April 4th, 2016 | by admin | published in Creative Space, Features


Creative work isn’t always the most social work – good news for all the introverted creatives out there. Extroverts, on the other hand, may find the creative life isolating and lonely at times. The good news? Whether solitude is your friend or foe, it can grant you the quiet necessary to dive deep into the best crevices of your mind.

Although recent studies have found that people don’t enjoy spending time alone with their thoughts, the studies fail to mention that this alone time could be the key to unlocking some of your greatest ideas yet.


Benefits of Spending Time Alone


1.  Heightened Focus

Despite what you believe your abilities are, studies have shown that the human brain is poor at multi-tasking.  Alone time allows you that opportunity to focus on one project and one project only.  Not only will your project be completed more efficiently, but it’ll be higher in quality too.

2.  Positive Vibes

Research scientist Reed Larson conducted an experiment that studied the effect of being alone on the moods of teenagers and adolescents.  He concluded that while people don’t generally enjoy spending time completely alone, by the end of their session, their moods improved.  So not only will you be more productive with alone time, you’ll be happier too.

3.  No Outside Demands

Outside demands, no matter how low-intensity they may be, can distract you from focusing on your work.  Without these additional demands, you’re allotted the time to focus on your priorities and yours alone.

4.  More Creative Ideas Generated

Yes, collaboration can be fun and stimulating, but studies show that it’s difficult to come up with creative ideas when working with others. Next time you want to develop some fresh ideas, try going it alone.

5.  Memory Booster

Studies have shown that spending time alone can boost your memory.  During your time of solitude, you’ll be able to draw upon creative ideas, facts, and associations made earlier in the day.

If you’re still a little hesitant about all of this alone time, below are some tips on how to go about enjoying your solo time.


How to Spend Time Alone

1.   Make a Date With Yourself

Your schedule is full of appointments with friends, family, and clients, why not make a time slot for yourself?  Treat yourself to some alone time each week, and designate this time to work on projects.

2.  Find a Creative Workspace

The ideal workspace will be somewhere where you can close the door and physically separate yourself from the outside world.  This will be your domain, where creative ideas are granted the freedom to soar freely free from distractions.

3.  Ask to Work From Home

If your 9-5 creative space is at an office, talk with your boss about the possibility of working from home.  Even if it’s only for once a week, or once every two, you might see a new creative boost in your work.

Solitude can feel daunting for some, but with all of the benefits it has to offer, it’s an essential part of the creative process.


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