We realize the importance of not only connecting talent with our clients, but connecting ourselves personally to the needs of everyone we do business with. See, we’re not the type of creative staffing firm that scrambles after every client out there; we take the time to get to know a select list of clients really well, listen to their needs, and become a loyal partner to their business. We provide you with hand-picked talent options that fit specifically to your position, so you feel confident that we make the perfect match every time.

We’re able to work this way because we make a point to hire only experienced key team members who not only have years of creative recruitment experience, but who also came from the marketing and advertising industry as talent themselves. When you work with our team, you realize fast that you’re dealing with professional, experienced recruiters that know their talent and who fits best with their clients. And even though our entire team works behind the scenes on every client, you’ll only have one main contact at Syndicatebleu that will be focused on all your needs.

Contact one of our dedicated team members in Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York to put our experience to the test and build that lasting relationship today.




Information Architect

Erin knows how to model and design with the end-user in mind to minimize frustration, and maximize on results. She's booked in advance, but what IA isn't these days.